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Celebrity Airport Style for Less: Miley Cyrus

Celebrity Airport Style - Miley Cyrus

Take it from Miley: Grunge is the way to go while traveling.Her plaid leggings and boyish beanie are comfortable yet still undeniably chic.I mean,if you're going to wear leggings while flying,you might as well make them plaid.A beanie will also keep you warm if the airplane happens to be chilly.Also perfect for hiding post-plane-nap hair.

Keeping the outfit mostly monochrome allows you to add details like a plaid pant or a studded backpack without it feeling overwhelming.Monochrome outfits are also perfect for mix ‘n matching once you 万博官网get to your destination.

The roomy,slouchy backpack adds flair but also provides enough room to store all of your in-flight essentials.

Celebrity Airport Style - Miley Cyrus

Photo Credit: Josiahw/SplashNews

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High Waisted Pull-On Plaid Leggings
Over-the-Knee Boot
Faux Leather Moto Jacket
Studded Detail Drawstring Backpack

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