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Island Hopping in Malta

Accidental Island Hopping in Malta

"I'm trying to 万博官网get to Comino." "You can get there from Gozo." "I don't have a ticket.I need a ticket." "It's ok.Just go,the gate is closing.Go." I was still half asleep from the hour long morning bus ride so I just followed the crowd.I followed the crowd off the bus.I followed the crowd into the terminal.I followed the crowd onto the ferry.I followed the crowd to Gozo.And that's how I found myself accidentally island hopping in Malta.


Adjusting Your Travel Expectations

I'm sitting on a bean bag chair in one of the hostel's common areas trying desperately not to scratch any of the 20+ itchy bug bites I've picked up in two days and listening to the thunder outside grow closer,putting a damper on my activity planning.Malta,we've gotten off to a rocky start.