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To date,I have traveled to Puerto Rico.

Bravo Beach Hotel - Vieques,Puerto Rico |

Winter Vacations for Canadians (That Aren't All-Inclusives)

This time of year it feels like everyone I know is planning an all-inclusive resort trip to the Caribbean.I've looked into them myself but my own personal travel taste is leaning more towards the independent aventure style as time goes on.Mind you,I still love sun,sand,and surf so I wanted to provide you with some alternative warm weather 万博彩票投注destinations that you can easily visit for a week.


The Gallery Inn - San Juan,Puerto Rico |

Staying at The Gallery Inn in San Juan,Puerto Rico

I love unique places.连锁酒店,you generally know what you're 万博官网getting and I can see how if you travel a lot,that sameness can be reassuring.One less thing to worry about.I like taking a chance on a one-off though.Interesting and unique hotels are part of the travel charm.Well,you can't 万博官网get much more unique than the Gallery Inn in Old San Juan,Puerto Rico.


SUP Seattle

SUP With You?

Every now and then a new activity will emerge and become really popular.It seems like everyone and their dog is doing it,so you'd best try it too.That was my thought on stand up paddle boarding (SUP) when I went to Puerto Rico.It seemed like fun,based on previous articles I'd read.So how did it go?Read on…


Glow with the Flow: Bio Bays in Puerto Rico

I dipped my hand in the warm waster of Laguna Grande,scooped up a handful and let the contents run down my arm.The water lit up and sparkled like I was a float in a Disney light parade.With every dip of a paddle or swish of a hand the water would glow.Almost like someone had cracked open a glow stick and emptied the contents into the lagoon.There's a reason bio bay visits are one of the most popular things to do in Puerto Rico.


Yoga at El Morro |

Sunsay Snap: Yoga at El Morro

Castillo San Felipe del Morro,also known as El Morro sits at the mouth of San Juan Bay and was built to protect the city from attacks from the sea.Construction began in 1539 and additions were continually added over the next 400 years.A handful of sentry posts,known as garitas,dot the perimeter and if you've ever seen any tourism images for Puerto Rico you know they're practically a national symbol.I knew that if I was going to add another yoga photo to my collection having a garita in the picture would be best.I managed to find a quiet spot and a ledge on the lighthouse that sits atop the fort.Half lotus seems to be my go-to for these situations.Can you guys recommend some other seated poses I can 万博官网get into quickly while my camera's counting down the timer?Maybe I should aim for…