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Central America

To date I have traveled to Costa Rica and Nicaragua.

Packing Guide for Costa Rica

What to Pack for Costa Rica

You just hit Complete Purchase on plane tickets to Costa Rica.Congrats!You're going to love it!I've been to the beautiful little Central American country twice and had amazing experiences both times.But knowing what to pack for Costa Rica can be tricky.Using my 5,4,3,2,1 packing list method,I've put to万博官网gether a guide to help you cover all your activities with style.


Tree Climbing in Monteverde

Climbing Trees in Monteverde,Costa Rica

A spider monkey I am not.They run up and down tree limbs with ease,swooping from one branch to another.Meanwhile,I huff and puff and awkwardly hoist myself from one climbing hold to another.I have the upper body strength of a T-Rex but yet seem to prefer to try to pull myself up the tree rather than push myself with my legs.Knowing this,I still signed up to take a go at the Arboreal Climbing Park at Sky manbetx足球滚球Adventures in Monteverde,哥斯达黎加。


How Much Does It Cost to Travel To Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a stunning country with a lot to offer visitors from a wide range of wildlife to beautiful scenery,pristine beaches to countless adventure opportunities.Despite being located in Central America,don't expect prices like nearby countries like Nicaragua.Prices often reflect their mature tourism industry and infrastructure.That being said,you can still find some great deals in the tropical paradise.


Costa Rica

Costa Rica: Then and Now

I wasn't planning on travelling this winter/spring.I really wasn't.I told all my friends as much.I made plans for how I'd squirrel away money instead to pad up my savings account.I tried to find ways to convince myself that seeing a slowly growing account would be just as thrilling as tropical manbetx足球滚球adventures.But then came the seat sales.


Bravo Beach Hotel - Vieques,Puerto Rico |

Winter Vacations for Canadians (That Aren't All-Inclusives)

This time of year it feels like everyone I know is planning an all-inclusive resort trip to the Caribbean.I've looked into them myself but my own personal travel taste is leaning more towards the independent aventure style as time goes on.Mind you,I still love sun,sand,and surf so I wanted to provide you with some alternative warm weather 万博彩票投注destinations that you can easily visit for a week.


Island Hopping in El Nido

The Philippines and Nicaragua: 8 Unexpected Similarities

When you think of Southeast Asia,what's the first thing that comes to mind?White sand beaches?Elephants and tigers?Temples?You're not alone.Most people think only of mainland SEA when thinking about the region but it actually a much larger area,including the Philippines.I spent two weeks in Bohol and Palawan last year and I was expecting those white sand beaches but what I wasn't expecting were the similarities I kept finding between the Philippines and Nicaragua


Managua at Night

We Have Begun Our Descent into Managua

The city's lights came into view as we descended from 35,000 feet on a hot March night.The lower we got,the clammier my hands,and the more active the butterflies in my stomach.I glanced at my FitBit.Resting heart rate of 104.Nope,not anxious at all."What am I doing?Maybe I should've stayed in Houston."


Volcano Boarding in Nicaragua |

Volcano Boarding in Leon,Nicaragua

I could feel my feet heating up inside my hiking sneakers as they dug into the side of the volcano,trying to maintain some control over my downward speed.Dust and rock kicked up into a cloud around me as I hurtled down the side of Cerro Negro,the youngest active volcano in Nicaragua.Some horrific accident?Nope,I signed up for this.


San Juan del Sur Shop |

The Markets of Masaya,Nicaragua

"Let's go to the local market.For万博官网get the tourist one.Why pay more?" I wanted to check out the markets in Masaya but didnt want to go alone,so tagging along with my new hotel friends was perfect.We wanted to see where the locals went.For万博官网get the sanitized versions meant for gringos,give us the real deal.