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A Dinner Misfire in Barcelona

If you want to travel but it intimidates you,maybe some of these stories will make you think,"well,hell if she can do it,so can I!" And if so,then my job here is done.For this story I'm going to take you back to Barcelona in 2014 when I was still a relatively new solo traveller.Fakin' it 'til I makin' it…



Things You Didn't Know About Santorini

Ah,Santorini.Honeymooners paradise.Cruisers playground.Jewel in the crown of the Cyclades.Land of fiery sunsets,white-washed cubic buildings,and blue domed churches.It seems like a paradise,no?Well,I just got back from my first visit to Greece and there were a few things that surprised me that I want to share with you.



20 Best Things to Do in Dubrovnik,Croatia

When I told people that I was planning to visit Dubrovnik,Croatia as a stopover on my way to South Korea last year the most common reaction I got was "Why?" I'll be honest,it wasn't the beaches or the history of the old town or the city's connection to Game of Thrones that first intrigued me.It was an episode of House Hunters: International.I saw an episode filmed there and thought that it looked like a beautiful city but maybe a bit hard or expensive to 万博官网get to.So when I had the chance to stopover pretty much anywhere in Europe,my first thought was "Dubrovnik!" Now that I've been I think it should be foremost on your mind when thinking about a European vacation as well.To help with your own planning I've highlighted my 15 top things to do in Dubrovnik.


Sky Garden in London

Cool Things to Do on a Second Trip to London

This isn't your first rodeo…or should I say cup of tea?You've been to London once before and ticked off a lot of boxes: Tower Bridge,Globe Theatre,Harry Potter tour,Big Ben…yep,you've seen all the major sites.So now what do you do?What are all the cool things to do in London?


Island Hopping in Malta

Accidental Island Hopping in Malta

"I'm trying to 万博官网get to Comino." "You can get there from Gozo." "I don't have a ticket.I need a ticket." "It's ok.Just go,the gate is closing.Go." I was still half asleep from the hour long morning bus ride so I just followed the crowd.I followed the crowd off the bus.I followed the crowd into the terminal.I followed the crowd onto the ferry.I followed the crowd to Gozo.And that's how I found myself accidentally island hopping in Malta.


Banje Beach,Photo by Jimmy Harris

Guide to the Best Dubrovnik Beaches

Just can't wait to strip naked and jump into the clean,clear sea?Then Dubrovnik beaches are going to be right up your alley.They can range from sandy,quiet stretches of coast to nightlife hotspots to naturist enclaves.The one thing they all have in common though is the clean,clear water of the Adriatic Sea.


Dragons in Ljubljana

How Ljubljana Became the Dragon City

Before Khaleesi laid waste to Lannister soldiers on Game of Thrones,Ljubljana had its own dragons.Between Dragon Bridge in the city centre and the city flag,to the manhole covers and the stuffed dragons for sale in gift shops,you can't miss them.But what's the connection?为什么是卢布尔雅那市龙吗?


Postcards from Venice

When I saw that Venice was a mere 3 hour drive from Ljubljana and that there was a tour available with Roundabout Travel,I knew I had to book it.I mean,when Venice comes calling,you answer.It's one of those 万博彩票投注destinations that never quite seems real so to see it with my own eyes…I was into it.Oh yes,VEnice would happen.


What You Won't See in Paris

What You Won't See in Paris

When people come back from a trip,they like to talk about what they ate,what they did,and what they saw.I'm not going to do that right now.Instead I'm going to talk about what I didn't see.Sometimes when I travel I'm struck by the absence of things that are common sights in my at home life.In England,I didn't see pickup trucks.In South Korea,I didn't see public trash cans.In the Philippines,I didn't see cats.So what was it I didn't see in Paris?


Adjusting Your Travel Expectations

I'm sitting on a bean bag chair in one of the hostel's common areas trying desperately not to scratch any of the 20+ itchy bug bites I've picked up in two days and listening to the thunder outside grow closer,putting a damper on my activity planning.Malta,we've gotten off to a rocky start.


Hotel Park - Ljiubljana,Slovenia

Staying at Hotel Park in Ljubljana,Slovenia

In 2016 Ljubljana,Slovenia was named Europe's Green Capital.In the middle of the green capital,surrounded by parks,is the city's greenest hotel.Some hotels say they're environmentally friendly and sure,they may not wash your sheets and towels every day but they've got nothing on the Hotel Park in Ljubljana.


Ballie Ballerson - ball pit bar in London

I Went to a Ball Pit Bar…and Things Got Weird

I'd just fallen over and was quickly being engulfed by a quarter million white semi-translucent plastic balls.The people falling around me were creating waves of balls and making the levels rise until I almost went under.Techno music thumped through the air,filling my ears and making my pulse quicken.I tried to stand up but floundered,never quite 万博官网getting my footing.A stranger's hand suddenly shot through the crowd like a life preserver.I latched on as he heaved me up."That was awesome!" I shouted.