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Home Town Tourist

In this series,I'll put myself in a visitor's shoes and explore what's fun to do in my own hometown of St.John's,Newfoundland.

Snowmobiling in Newfoundland

My Newfoundland Winter Bucket List

It's no secret that me and winter in Newfoundland don't always 万博官网get along.It can be wet,cold,sloppy,and grey.Days are short.Sidewalks disappear.But there are also a ton of awesome things to do in Newfoundland in winter.So in my effort to embrace more positivity in 2018 I'm putting to万博官网gether a winter bucket list of outdmanbetx足球滚球oor adventures which will hopefully shift my winter attitude from barely tolerable to downright enjoyable.


Christmas in Newfoundland

Christmas is a wonderful time right across Canada,but Christmas in Newfoundland is something extra special.Here in Newfoundland and Labrador we've got a few things that make it a pretty unique celebration.Isolation often breeds a quirkiness you don't see in connected communities,and let's face it,for a long time Newfoundland was pretty isolated,from the mainland and even from each other.So please indulge our quirkiness.


Craft Beer Attraction

Craft Beer Attraction in St.John's

We've all got that friend (or maybe we're that friend) who've bought tickets to the NLC's Beerfest not to thoughtfully taste new beers but just to drink as much as possible before the lights come on to "万博官网get their money's worth." Usually this results in a hot mess with no new appreciation for the brew.Craft Beer Attraction aims to change that beer tasting cliche.


Newfoundland touton |

Foodie Friday: Toutons

I was in Central Newfoundland recently and decided to indulge in a weekend brunch at Noah's on the Point in Glovertown.I was really happy to discover that their buffet included toutons.Mmm… if you think eggs bene is the epitome of brunch,you've never tried a touton.What is a touton?Toutons: Pronounced tout(rhymes with pout)-ens – are a traditional Newfoundland breakfast food made of bread dough pan fried in butter or,more rarely these days,pork fat.You might call it a Newfoundland pancake.I like mine best drizzled with fancy molasses but some people prefer maple syrup.When cooked up right they have a crispy outside with a chewy inside.More often than not they're served as part of a full cooked breakfast which might also include fried eggs,baked beans,home fries,fried bologna,sausage,bacon or other breakfast meat.The history of the touton is…


When a City Girl Goes Camping

Based on the name of this site,you'd assume that camping wasn't my thing.And… well… you're not entirely wrong.But I decided to put that to the test with a friend recently backcountry camping in Terra Nova National Park.What could possibly go wrong?We'd commune with nature,spend a night in the fresh air,and wake up to birds chirping next to a pond.What could go wrong?


Newfoundland Mummers Parade

Any Mummers ‘lowed In?

I was walking down the street on a beautiful December afternoon in St.John's,Newfoundland and who passes me,but someone in red long johns and Sorel boots with a big hobby horse head obscuring his own,accompanied by someone else with a lace doily covering their face.Weird,right?Most bizarre masked stick-up?Nope,I was on my way to the Mummers Parade.