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Where to Stay in Austin,TX

Where to Stay in Austin,TX

If you're planning a trip to to Austin,TX one of the first things you're going to need to figure out is where to stay.To help you out,I've hand-picked 5 of my favourite hostels and hotels near downtown Austin that each have a unique personality that I love.


El Nido Accommodations

Where to Stay in El Nido,Palawan,Philippines

Palawan is one of the most beautiful islands on Planet Earth and the beating tourism heart of the Philippine island is the region of El Nido,and for good reason.Crystal clear jade seas,towering limestone cliffs,and white power sand beaches are just part of the draw.Finding a place to lay your head in El Nido isn't difficult.The difficult part is actually choosing which of the many El Nido accommodation options to go with.Whether you want to stay in town or on a private island,in a hostel dorm or in a luxury villa,there's a place for you in El Nido.


Casablanca Hotel - New York

Staying at the Casablanca Hotel in New York City

If you've ever stayed at any of the Library Hotel Collection's properties you probably know what I'm going to rave about after my recent stay at the Casablanca Hotel in Manhattan.The service!After staying at the Library Hotel and the Hotel Elysees I should've been prepared for the top notch service but I was still taken aback.


Hotel Park - Ljiubljana,Slovenia

Staying at Hotel Park in Ljubljana,Slovenia

In 2016 Ljubljana,Slovenia was named Europe's Green Capital.In the middle of the green capital,surrounded by parks,is the city's greenest hotel.Some hotels say they're environmentally friendly and sure,they may not wash your sheets and towels every day but they've got nothing on the Hotel Park in Ljubljana.


Day Use Hotel

Day Use Hotels – The Best Way to Spend a Long Layover?

Have you ever had a long layover in a city during the day?Sure,you could pay to store your luggage at the airport while you go explore the city.But what if all you really wanted was a nap,a shower and to binge on Netflix until your next flight?Or what if you really need a workout and a swim to recover from the flight?Enter the day use hotel.



How to Plan a Girls 万博官网Getaway in London

Ever since WestJet announced their direct flights to London from St.John's last year,it's dawned on me that England is now entirely possible as a long weekend 万博官网getaway.It can be cheaper to 万博官网get to London than it is to get to Toronto.Crazy talk.And with only a 3.5h time difference it's time to start considering London for you next girls 万博官网getaway.


Ode to a Hotel Robe |

Ode to a Hotel Robe

Maybe I'm a hotel snob.Maybe I've become spoiled.I used to think a Holiday Inn was fancy.These days though,when I check into a nice hotel I'm always a bit disappointed when there's no robe waiting for me in the closet.To me,it's a symbol for the hotel experience and the pampering feeling I'm hoping to 万博官网get out of it.


The Gallery Inn - San Juan,Puerto Rico |

Staying at The Gallery Inn in San Juan,Puerto Rico

I love unique places.With a chain hotel,you generally know what you're 万博官网getting and I can see how if you travel a lot,that sameness can be reassuring.One less thing to worry about.I like taking a chance on a one-off though.Interesting and unique hotels are part of the travel charm.Well,you can't 万博官网get much more unique than the Gallery Inn in Old San Juan,Puerto Rico.


First Time Hotel Guest |

Losing My Hostel Cherry

35 years old and I'd never stayed in a hostel before but with recent house renovation bills coming in and two weeks in Europe already booked I was feeling poor and hostels were cheap."It'll be an adventure!" I told myself though I wasn't sure I really believed it.Wasn't I too old to be 万博官网getting on with this foolishness?"You're booked into a four star hotel in Paris and now you're looking at a hostel in Barcelona?And a dorm room no less!Foolish." But you know,curiosity (and my wallet) got to me in the end and that's how I became a first time hostel guest – booking myself into an 8-bed female dorm at the St.Christopher's Inn in Barcelona for two nights.I researched hostels carefully and shuddered when I'd see photos of open bunk beds in a room.The thought of sleeping in an open…


Hotel de Seze - Paris,France |

Staying at Hotel de Sèze in Paris

Paris strikes me as a lady of a city.Elegant and refined.Not gaudy and loud.Not overly showy or pushy.When I think of hotels in Paris I think of cozy,elegant rooms mixing heritage buildings and fine fixtures.Of hushed conversations and real tea drunk from china cups,not paper.On the border between the 8th and 9th arrondissements sits the newly opened Hotel de Seze,which embodies all of these qualities.


Praktik Bakery Hotel - Barcelona,Spain |

Staying at Praktik Bakery Hotel in Barcelona,Spain

A lot of people will claim that their favourite smell is freshly baked bread.Boutique hotels are starting to 万博官网get on with having a unique fragrance in their lobbies.What do the two have to do with each other?At the Praktik Bakery Hotel in Barcelona they combine a scented lobby and the smell of fresh baked bread.Except this scent doesn't come from a factory.It comes from the real live bakery in the lobby,producing bread and sweets all day,every day.