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A Korean Haircut

A Korean Haircut

What do you do when you're in a foreign country where you don't speak the language but you've decided that you absolutely need to 万博官网get your hair cut?When this happened to me,it all came down to hand gestures and a driver's license.



A Dinner Misfire in Barcelona

If you want to travel but it intimidates you,maybe some of these stories will make you think,"well,hell if she can do it,so can I!" And if so,then my job here is done.For this story I'm going to take you back to Barcelona in 2014 when I was still a relatively new solo traveller.Fakin' it 'til I makin' it…



Hathos: the Joy and Agony of Dulse

I sat at the kitchen table,staring at a small paper bag,filled with dried purple seaweed.This time I would try it.The briny smell of the ocean floor wafted from the bag.You could smell it from six feet away,easy.But it was time.No more excuses.At the age of 39,it was high time that I tried dulse for the first time.


Travel Goofs


Costa Rica was the scene of my first international solo trip back in 2012.With my imminent return I started thinking a lot about that trip.I was such a baby traveller back then.Everyone has some misconceptions and makes some silly travel mistakes when they first start travelling.I was no exception.


Best and Worst of 2017

My Best (and Worst) Travel Moments of 2017

Globally,2017 has been a bit of a dumpster fire but personally it's been a pretty good year.Especially when it comes to travel.I got to visit four new countries,met great new people,and had some amazing experiences I'll never for万博官网get.So I thought I'd share some of my favourite moments with you.


Island Hopping in Malta

Accidental Island Hopping in Malta

"I'm trying to 万博官网get to Comino." "You can get there from Gozo." "I don't have a ticket.I need a ticket." "It's ok.Just go,the gate is closing.Go." I was still half asleep from the hour long morning bus ride so I just followed the crowd.I followed the crowd off the bus.I followed the crowd into the terminal.I followed the crowd onto the ferry.I followed the crowd to Gozo.And that's how I found myself accidentally island hopping in Malta.


Adjusting Your Travel Expectations

I'm sitting on a bean bag chair in one of the hostel's common areas trying desperately not to scratch any of the 20+ itchy bug bites I've picked up in two days and listening to the thunder outside grow closer,putting a damper on my activity planning.Malta,we've gotten off to a rocky start.


When a City Girl Goes Camping

Based on the name of this site,you'd assume that camping wasn't my thing.And… well… you're not entirely wrong.But I decided to put that to the test with a friend recently backcountry camping in Terra Nova National Park.What could possibly go wrong?We'd commune with nature,spend a night in the fresh air,and wake up to birds chirping next to a pond.What could go wrong?


Geri Coady

Leading the Pack: Geri Coady

Geri Coady is a freelance illustrator and designer based in Nottingham,England.She's also an expert on colour accessibility who has previously written a pocket guide on the topic with a new book in the works.We recently caught up with Geri after a whirlwind trip to Japan and got the low down on her travel style.


Kelly Lawson

Leading the Pack: Kelly Lawson

Kelly Lawson is the #girlboss behind Saint John,NB start-up,Ella – an app to let women post and sell fashion items that they no longer wear.Think fashion swap meet for the iPhone age.I caught up with Kelly in between business trips to find out more about her travel style.