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How to 万博官网Get an International Drivers License in Canada

Think you might want to rent a car or motorbike while abroad?While some countries don't require any special permits,many will accept an international driving permit (IDP) along with your Canadian driver's license as proof of your skills behind the wheel.They're only available from CAA and are valid for one year.For the relatively small fee,you should really consider it as a vital part of your travel documents.


Bravo Beach Hotel - Vieques,波多黎各|

Winter Vacations for Canadians (That Aren't All-Inclusives)

This time of year it feels like everyone I know is planning an all-inclusive resort trip to the Caribbean.I've looked into them myself but my own personal travel taste is leaning more towards the independent aventure style as time goes on.Mind you,I still love sun,sand,and surf so I wanted to provide you with some alternative warm weather 万博彩票投注destinations that you can easily visit for a week.


Island Hopping in El Nido

The Philippines and Nicaragua: 8 Unexpected Similarities

When you think of Southeast Asia,what's the first thing that comes to mind?White sand beaches?Elephants and tigers?Temples?You're not alone.Most people think only of mainland SEA when thinking about the region but it actually a much larger area,including the Philippines.I spent two weeks in Bohol and Palawan last year and I was expecting those white sand beaches but what I wasn't expecting were the similarities I kept finding between the Philippines and Nicaragua


Snowmobiling in Newfoundland

My Newfoundland Winter Bucket List

It's no secret that me and winter in Newfoundland don't always 万博官网get along.It can be wet,cold,sloppy,and grey.Days are short.Sidewalks disappear.But there are also a ton of awesome things to do in Newfoundland in winter.So in my effort to embrace more positivity in 2018 I'm putting to万博官网gether a winter bucket list of outdmanbetx足球滚球oor adventures which will hopefully shift my winter attitude from barely tolerable to downright enjoyable.


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