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What to Pack for New York in Spring

Spring is one of my favourite times to visit New York.You skip the summer smog and the winter cold,but knowing what to wear in New York in Spring can be tricky.Will it be chilly?Warm?How much time will I spend in museums?Am I going to nightclubs or Broadway shows?And whats the right shoe?Thankfully,New York is one of those cities where just about anything goes.As long as you're comfortable and confident in your outfit,you'll fit right in.

Using my 5,4,3,2,1 packing list method,I've put to万博官网gether a guide to help you cover all your activities with style.Whether you're catching shows on Broadway,walking the Highline,exploring Central Park,or shopping your heart out,you'll be covered.

What to Wear in New York in the Spring

While it's true that anything goes in New York,I personally like to put in a little extra effort while in the Big Apple.On my first trip there I was primarily wore t-shirts,jeans,and sneakers and didn't feel like myself at all.My key now is to pick tops that are comfortable but that I'll also feel cute in,pants with a fun detail or two,and a shoe that I can walk for miles in,which could be a stylish sneaker,flat with gel insoles,or an ankle boot with a chunky heel.

Seeing a Broadway show is almost always on my list of things to do in New York and I like to dress up a little for the occasion so I like to pack a lightweight,wrinkle free dress and a heel that won't 万博官网get stuck in a subway grate.After anunfortunate incident with a set of subway stairs,I don't recommend open toed shoes for subways or Times Square.

For New York in Spring it's best to pack for a variety of weather.Make sure you have an outfit appropriate for a warm sunny day but also for a cool,rainy evening.Layers are key.A lightweight cashmere sweater is both warm and totally packable while making you feel a bit luxe.A trench coat and a denim jacket are both timeless pieces that will 万博官网get you through sun,wind,and rain.

If I only take one handbag to New York,it's a large hobo bag for daytime where I can store everything from my extra battery pack,hairbrush,umbrella,mini tripod,and camera.If I have extra room,I'll also pack a small crossbody for evening.

New York Packing List Essentials

Band-Aids and Blister Pads

On the first few trips I took to New York I found myself always heading to a Duane Reade to pick up band-aids and blister pads,no matter how comfy my shoes were.I love walking around New York and my feet just weren't used to pounding the pavement like that.So now I like to pack a few of these in my bag,just in case.

Phone Battery Pack

With so many people using their phones to look up information and document their travels,battery life on vacation just isn't the same as it is at home.Be sure to pack a portable battery pack so you can charge on the go.Look for one that has at least 2000mAh in order to 万博官网get a full charge.The higher the mAh on your battery pack,the more times you'll be able to charge your phone before having to recharge the battery pack.


Spend any time in New York and you're going to ride the subway.Depending on where you're headed,you may be awhile between waiting for your train and actual travel time so headphones come in handy to listen to some tunes or a podcast.AirPods are especially handy since they don't take up much space in your bag.

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